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The solvent recovery machine,Centrifugal oil purifierThe direction of environmental protection:Xiamen Solomon's environmental protection technology co., LTD,The registered trademark wide treasure® Solomon's®,Is a focus on environmental protection equipment research and development and sales of enterprises,Mainly engaged in recycling of organic solution、VOCGas recycling and industrial oil/Liquid purification treatment equipment。

Export sales:Wide treasure® Solomon's®Products are widely used all over the world,Different user service for many years the global demand,Users all over the world。

Product standardization:Wide treasure® Solomon's®To the masses of users at home and abroad to provide various products standard equipment and personalization,As far as possible, convenient local users to install and use,At the same time, reduce maintenance cost。Wide treasure® Solomon's®Can also according to user's special requirements for custom products suitable for their own needs。

Business philosophy:Wide treasure® Solomon's®Always adhere to in accordance with the law、Specification operation,Don't cheat,Don't hype;Attaches great importance to the users' rights and interests,Improving customer experience,Respect for the customer to choose;Price is reasonable、Really,Kid sou have no deceit;Always provide reliable、Excellent quality and reasonable price products for customers to choose,Help enterprises to save costs,Save social resources,Reduce the pollution of the environment。Choose wide treasure in Taiwan,Don't worry about buying the wrong,Users benefit!

Explosion-proof type nc solvent recovery machine

The working principle of the distillation separation:Wide treasure® Solomon's®Explosion-proof type nc solvent recovery machine,By using the principle of the distillation separation of design and manufacture,In the solution can be recycling organic solvent after distillation separation condensation。Solvent recovery processing can be widely used in all walks of life,Especially in the process of production by the organic solvent for cleaning agent enterprise。
This series of products is based on the actual needs of users for many years and combined with various problems occurred in,Fully have been designed for users。Run with built-in control program,A variety of protection function,Digital controller,Variable frequency heating,Stainless steel material;The operation is simple,Safe and practical,Installation does not occupy a space;The recovery can reach95%The above;Recycling solvent clean,Good performance.

The centrifugal oil purifier

Wide treasure® Solomon's®Centrifugal oil purifierAdopt imported centrifuge as a core component,By centrifugal force,The various oil purification treatment,Without a filter。

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Wide treasure® Solomon's®Is a solvent recovery machine industry in China's export sales enterprise,In addition to domestic sales,Export-oriented,Sold all over the world。Engaged in export sales more than ten years;In addition to the direct export sales to all over the world,Also in a number of countries and regions set up long-term dealers。
The main products of the solvent recovery machine series、VOCGas recovery machine series and centrifugal oil cleaning machine series,Are exported to all over the world,Such as:The United States、Canada、Switzerland、Spain、Poland、Japan、South Korea、Israel、Thailand、In Indonesia、Malaysia、The Philippines、New Zealand and Australia, etc。